Dental X-rays

Advanced technology and periodontal specialists support accurate diagnoses, effective treatment, optimal outcomes

At Perio Implant Chicago, our periodontists, Drs Peter O. Cabrera and Bahareh Sabzehei have completed advanced training in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of conditions affecting the supportive hard and soft tissues in the jaw and face. Their considerable experience and expertise are complemented by sophisticated dental technology. These dental technologies support accurate diagnostics, informing early detection of oral conditions and effective treatments.

Additionally, advanced technology facilitates the most comfortable, precise, and fast treatment at our specialty center, which serves individuals and families from throughout Chicagoland.

State-of-the-art diagnostics

Drs. Cabrera and Sabzehei have many years of experience in expertly analyzing computerized axial tomography (CAT) scans of the head and neck. Medical practitioners have applied CAT scans toward developing treatment plans for many years. At the heart of this form of imaging is the use of several different x-ray images. With the help of computers, CAT scans generate detailed cross-sectional or 3-dimensional views of intricate internal organs and structures. Our specialists use 3-D imaging techniques and i-CAT® scans to render clear images of the bone structure, density, tissues, and nerves of the oral cavity (mouth) and skull.

CBCT: During each scan, patients are comfortably placed as the system rotates around them, capturing hundreds of images of the face using a cone-shaped x-ray beam. These images are compiled to produce a 3-D image of the inner facial and jaw mechanisms. Scans can be completed in less than 30 seconds.

Additionally, our doctors may zoom in and magnify specific areas to detect pathology that might otherwise lurk “hidden” or a range of other conditions – including early-stage periodontal disease and abnormalities like precancerous lesions and localized tumors. CT Scans further supports the precise positioning of dental implants in the jaw and other surgical and restorative treatments. Accurate planning promotes optimal treatment outcomes and rapid resolution of symptoms.

Advanced treatments

Our specialists are also equipped with sophisticated technologies to resolve active periodontal disease and promote rapid and healthy healing and reattachment of the gums. In Laser dentistry, our practitioner delivers therapeutic energy to targeted tissues. Energy in the form of light is used to manipulate tissues and to remove diseased gums. At Perio Implant Chicago, we may also apply the laser to deeply disinfect periodontal pockets between the teeth and gums and remove hardened plaque or calculus on the root surface.

Dental lasers are a painless, gentle, fast, conservative, and precise alternative to traditional techniques. This tissue-preserving approach also minimizes undesirable side effects, such as bleeding and discomfort. Furthermore, these technologies reduce or eliminate familiar sources of dental fear, for example, needles and drills.

Technology without skill is just technology. At Perio Implant Chicago, we combine the best of both worlds: exceptional skill and sophisticated technologies. Experience our approach by calling (312) 736-7959 . Or conveniently request an appointment online.