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Restore Your Smile Esthetic Periodontal Plastic surgery

There are several reasons why a patient might seek corrective treatment of the gums and jawbone. It may be due to recent periodontal disease, trauma, or even a birth defect. Periodontal disease is the leading cause of bone and gum loss and can significantly disfigure one’s natural appearance and impact aesthetics. Now, with “cosmetic surgery” procedures available in the field of periodontitis, Drs. Peter Cabrera and Bahareh Sabzehei and their team in Chicago, Illinois, can restore natural beauty to the smile and correct cosmetic issues. Below are just a few of the more common gum and jawbone corrective treatments available at Perio Implant Chicago:

Common gum treatments

  • Esthetic Crown lengthening, also known as a gum lift – the crown lengthening procedure is often done to correct a gummy smile or to expose more tooth structure naturally or  before undergoing a restorative procedure such as the placement of a dental crown or porcelain veneer.
  • Gum grafts – gum graft may be performed to correct a crooked smile or restore gum line symmetry following conditions like periodontal disease. Grafting is performed with gum tissue from the patient or a donor.
  • Pocket reduction surgery – gum disease can result in various imperfections that remain on the smile afterward, including ridge indentations, brown gums, and unattractive teeth. Pocket reduction surgery is used to clean the root surfaces beneath the gum line to restore gums and bone health.

Common Bone Grafting Procedures

  • Sinus augmentation – when patients are considering dental implants on the upper dental arch, they may need to have the sinus cavity floor elevated to allow for new bone growth and implant placement.
  • Ridge modification – deformities of the jawbone that have occurred due to disease, injury, or birth imperfections can be resolved with the ridge modification procedure, which fills defects of the bone with grafting material. 
  • Bone grafts – bone resorption is common after tooth extraction and loss, and the jawbone can be rebuilt with the bone grafting process with our team.

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