A beautiful woman is smiling after periodontal plastic surgery

Enhance Your Smile with Periodontal Plastic Surgery

As one of the most experienced teams of periodontal professionals in Chicago, Illinois, Drs. Peter Cabrera and Bahareh Sabzehei of Perio Implant Chicago provide a variety of periodontal and cosmetic dental treatments to enhance the smile. Periodontal plastic surgery, sometimes called Periodontal Plastic Surgery, uses treatments to improve periodontal health while also focusing on the final aesthetics of the teeth and gums. Periodontal plastic surgery can help give you a smile you deserve after experiencing substantial damage from conditions such as gum disease.

Drs. Peter Cabrera and Bahareh Sabzehei of Perio Implant Chicago are pleased to offer various periodontal cosmetic surgery solutions for patients, including:

  • Bone grafting
  • Gum grafting
  • Periodontal gum therapy
  • Ridge augmentation
  • Aesthetic Crown Lengthening

Our periodontists are trained and experienced in providing a range of Periodontal Plastic Surgery solutions for patients who need them. Whether you need to cover teeth exposed to gum recession or want to address a “gummy” smile that makes you feel self-conscious, we can help. We advise patients interested in these procedures to book a consultation visit with our periodontists to learn more about the options available. We work hard to help restore the smile after conditions have impacted their health and look.

Who is a good candidate for periodontal plastic surgery?

During a consultation visit with our team of professionals, we can advise patients on the type of treatment they might need to reach their smile goals. Drs. Peter Cabrera and Bahareh Sabzehei evaluate the patient and listen to them about what they would like to achieve with periodontal plastic surgery. Then, our team will discuss the most appropriate treatment to get the patient’s smile right where they want it!

Are you interested in learning more about periodontal plastic surgery?

Connect with the team at Perio Implant Chicago today to request an appointment with Drs. Peter Cabrera and Bahareh Sabzehei of Chicago, IL. The office is located at 939 W North Avenue, Ste. #700, and accepts new and returning patients who call (312) 736-7959 for a visit.