Esthetic crown lengthening

Esthetic crown lengthening corrects “gummy” smiles and supports healthy and durable restorative treatment

Perio Implant Chicago specializes in maintaining or restoring the health of the tissues that support the teeth, proper oral function, and an attractive smile. For instance, crown lengthening at our specialty practice may be recommended to improve the health of periodontal (gum) tissue or to correct “gummy” smiles. Additionally, we employ the latest clinically proven effective and safe technologies and techniques to accurately detect conditions and treat diseased or otherwise damaged tissues precisely, gently, and efficiently.

About Crown Lengthening

The natural crown represents the white portion of the tooth that is visible above the gum line. The process of “lengthening” the crown involves removing excess or diseased gummy tissue to expose more of the natural tooth. Bone or gum tissue may also be reshaped or recontoured. This procedure may be performed on one tooth, several teeth, or to treat the entire gum line. Our specialists may recommend crown lengthening to:

  • Restore damaged teeth – Tooth decay and other forms of trauma may threaten the structural integrity and health of the affected tooth. Teeth with fractures below the gum line may be good candidates for crown lengthening to prepare the treatment site for therapeutic procedures designed to correct decay, fractures, trauma, and other types of damage.
  • Create a more cosmetically pleasing smile – Overgrowth of periodontal tissue can cause unattractive tooth proportions and overall smile symmetry. A tooth may look overly short. Additionally, such gummy smiles may be more vulnerable to periodontal inflammation and infections. Our doctors reveal more of the tooth’s crown by removing excess tissues at the gum line. The tooth looks longer for improved aesthetics.
  • Support healthy, durable dental crowns – The crown lengthening process creates more space between the jawbone and the restorative crown. In turn, crowns are less likely to irritate and damage neighboring soft and hard tissues (gums and bone) once it is secured into place over the natural, prepared tooth structure.

The process

Typically, crown lengthening is performed following the administration of a local anesthetic. If patients have existing dental crowns, one of our periodontists will remove them before the procedure starts. They are replaced immediately afterward. A series of small incisions are made to separate the gums from the teeth and access the tooth roots and underlying bone. Even if only one tooth is recontoured, the neighboring teeth may also be treated to achieve optimal, more even results.

Sometimes, sufficient tooth exposure is achieved with minimal removal of tissue. Alternatively, some bone may be removed from around the teeth for adequate lengthening and reshaping. Once our periodontist is satisfied, the treatment site is cleansed with sterile water. Incisions are closed with small sutures.

Our doctors may prescribe medications to manage discomfort. Antimicrobial mouth rinses can also reduce the recolonization of bacteria following treatment. By altering the gums, the results are immediate. Teeth look noticeably longer. In 4-6 weeks, the site should be completely healed.

We encourage you to contact Perio Implant Chicago for more information about crown lengthening. Please call (312) 736-7959 or request an appointment online.