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Dr. Cabrera and Dr. Sabzehei provide laser gum treatment in Chicago. In order to stay up-to-date on the latest in dental technology Dr. Cabrera and Dr. Sabzehei recently added a Fotona Lightwalker Laser to the office to enhance patient treatment and comfort. The Lightwalker laser encompasses both a Er:YAG and Nd:YAG laser which function at specific wavelengths that help in the treatment of periodontal disease as well as aid in many other periodontal procedures.

Laser therapy machine
Laser therapy machine 2

Lasers have been used safely and effectively in medicine and dentistry for decades.  Periodontal laser therapy is a minimally invasive approach to treatment that results in less post-operative discomfort and faster healing in many circumstances. The laser is not for every patient and in more severe cases of periodontal disease, traditional periodontal therapy will likely still be needed. By using a laser, Drs Cabrera and Sabzehei can better help treat their patients in an effective, efficient, and comfortable manner.

Treatment of periodontal disease with the Lightwalker Laser is called Wavelength-Optimized Periodontal Therapy (WPT) and utilizes both the Er:YAG laser and Nd:YAG laser. 

Utilizing both Er:YAG and Nd:YAG laser wavelenfths in a single treatment makes optimum use of the unique laser-tissue interaction characteristics of each wavelength.  For example, Nd:YAG laser energy is superior for coagulation and deep disinfection, while Er:YAG is uniquely efficient at gently removing the infected surface tissue and calculus from the root surface. Combined, they can dramatically improve the outcome of laser-assisted treatments, guaranteeing maximum safety and efficacy 

To view an informational video please visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZNGAAQA2O1w&feature=em-share_video_user