Dental Hygienists are an important part of the health care team, helping with diagnosis, treatment and preventive maintenance. From time to time we will post articles relevant to the practice of dental hygiene.

Our annual Doctor/ Hygienist symposium has become quite popular with dental offices throughout the Chicago area.


Past Courses


Perio Mastery for Hygienists Series 

November 9, 2016         Hands On Implants

                                           Location: Maggiano's    Time: 5:30 - 9 PM

                                           11-9-16 invite and reg.pdf 


June 1, 2016                    Understanding 3D Imaging

                                           Location: Maggiano's        Time: 6-9 PM


January 27, 2016           Part IV: The Hygienist's Role in Multidisciplinary Care

                                           Location: Maggiano's        Time: 6-9 PM

                                           invite pmh 4.pdf

                                           Basic Outline.pdf                                   


September 16, 2015      Part III: Perio Therapy From Curettes to Lasers

                                           Location: Maggiano's    Time: 6-9 PM


                                           Basic Outline PMH 3.docx


 March 25, 2015             Part II: Soft Tissue Reconstruction, Diagnosis and Maintenance

                                           Location: Maggiano's   Time: 6-9 PM


January 21, 2015            Part I:  Diagnosis and Treatment Planning  

                                           Basic Outline.docx

                                           Location: Maggiano's   Time: 6-9 PM

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